Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Lifting Spirits

Lifting Spirits
This scented arrangement
of yellow crisp
multi-head freesia,
yellow perfumed
perfectly formed roses,
orange sepalled gerbera,
wispy white gypsofilia
lifts my spirits
& brightens my day!


Anonymous said...

"Scented Gift"

This scented gift was sent with love.
And sent with you in mind.
This scented gift was sent with love.
There are "NEVER" two of a kind.

A rainbow of colour,arranged with care.
Placed in a vase for you to stare.
Stare in wonder at this beautiful gift.
The smell,the colours just give you that lift
From this very special.
"Scented Gift"


sis said...

Dearest Sis,

Even tought it's hard to see through
all of this,
try to remember you'll
get through this a stronger person.

Don't give up.
There are better times to come.

Lots of love Sis.

Anonymous said...

Sis is "Spot On"
Bigger and better times ahead!
Never look back!
Keep your memories
and the future is yours for the taking!
Grasp it with both hands and be focused and determined!