Thursday, 11 September 2008

An orchid from Eileen.

An orchid from Eileen.

What a surprise!
this beautiful twin-stemmed
phalaenopsis orchid,
sent with loving thoughts.

yellow ochre,
Light golden rod,
Lime & tinges of green,

Petals & sepals opening
showing off
their inner finest
column & colours.

Tall dark green stems &
wide leaves too,
seven flowers in bloom
nine more to come.

One day, I will arrive
on Eileen’s doorstep
and return this
thoughtful surprise!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

An orchid from a friend.

Sent with love and thoughts,
an orchid from a friend
from across those far off shores.

The meaning of the orchid
is here for all to see.
It's sent with hope and gratitude
from you, then on to me!

Thank you friend for sending
this token of yourself,
it's been a while since we've spoken
but your thoughts are very well felt!!!