Thursday, 15 January 2009

Remembering Uist.

Remembering Uist.

Promised that I would paint and print
and carry on this creativeness,
circles and colour force my hand
with these printing inks.

Onlookers stop and look,
an even surface is all I need
to replicate the patterns from
the isles to keep me in the mood.

One print, two prints and many more,
what am I doing here when
I should be there with you
……….... enjoying the view!


Anonymous said...

You never break a promise!
It shows that you care.
Because your full of feeling.
You are mentally aware!

Uist means a lot.
It's something that you love.
you crave and you covert it.
It's like heaven up above.

So open up your mind.
And paint and draw away.
Remember that haunting landscape
So very far away.

"Remembering Uist" is easy!
And you've not got long to go.
When that island home beckons.
"YOU" lucky so and so .......


Anonymous said...

Uist,Uist,what a view.
Theres always plenty for you to do.
Stunning mountains,sandy beach.
calming sea in easy reach.

Country roads for you to ride.
On that trusty cycle,side by side.
With daughter and hubby close to hand.
Were here on Uist our
"Promised Land"


Anonymous said...


Use that ink,spread it wide.
Let your memory be the guide.
Patterns bold,creative style.
Many more cards to add to the pile.

This a statement of how you feel.
Deep down inside,you know it's real.
Colours are vivid,well in tune.
Cards,and you in the afternoon.

These memories of Uist you like to share.
With residents,visitors, any one who's there
Just buy a card,send it with love.
From the "Island of Uist"


Tigs2 said...


Splashing waves CRASH
Water caves BASH
Secret islands UNFOUND
Beautiful highlands with MOUNDS
Interesting places to DISCOVER
Secret agents UNDERCOVER
To find the best place NORTH UIST.