Saturday, 7 February 2009

Becky....your painting on the wall.

Becky .....your painting on the wall.

I see your painting,
the different strokes,
the white of the waves,
the blue of the sea.

How could you
visualise this?
Its exactly us
all three!

Your mark is here
admired by all,
pride of place
in our hall.


er said...

A scene of action!yet a playful time!
A family enjoying their special time.
The painter has captured,the motion of the waves,the true essence of the ocean.

An inspired choice of subject.....

Well done "Becky" .........

Toodles said...

Thank you ER,
hows your book coming along?

er said...

plenty of poems,I just write when a thought or when I am asked to put something on paper for them or their friends........ In all must have over 100 or more,I need to try and do something with them oneday - how's yours coming along !!!!!!!!!!

Toodles said...

Well thats a 'book worth', Fantastic ....get publishing!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, for not coming in here as often as I would like. Time never there for me. He runs away with wings on his feet and you are always so kind to my Poems,giving them attention/encouraging praise.Thanking you.
I do like this one. Your words written in such a way, that the images become clear in ones mind. Well done, you.

Toodles said...

Thank you SarahA,
Keep writing,
Keep visiting!
Keep following!

Anonymous said...

Really like Becky's painting, and your blog's thing of presenting pictures and poetry makes for a refreshingly different experience. I'll be back for more :)

Bob said...

What a great blog! And thank you for coming by mine and your kind comment... which has now led me here to yours... thank you.

Toodles said...


Eric said...

Nice painting!