Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Happy Times

Happy Times

Tasks completed

deadlines met

time for enjoyment



& pampering.

Family together



& laughter

happy times

lots of smiles


er said...

Nice one T ?

Sounds like you have really got it together...... "Great"

Maybe I put you a few words together? or maybe you have said it ALL?

Chess my game,but not played for a very long time.

Jenny said...

Hi Toodles,

After viewing your blog I felt that I wanted to be a follower!

Your writing is really interesting and uplifting. I like it a lot! I am a fan of concisely written texts and you are indeed competent in that field.



Toodles said...

thank you ER & Jenny for your kind comments, we all need an uplift!
thanks for being followers!

As they say a change is
as good as a rest!

I am so enjoying this break
after months of hard slog
coupled with my illness before Xmas and impending surgery.

Anonymous said...

I love the lines.
I love the fact with so few words, much is spoken within.
Be well, you.

paulboo said...

I wish you a good rest, a break from the routine is always welcome.
Enjoy :o)))

Toodles said...

Thank you Sarah and Paul,
That week's rest is now over
& i'm back in the chalkface again but only for 1 week
then 4 - 5 weeks off with surgery and recovery!

Its been a rollercoaster year but hopefully on the 'straight' from now on!

i will have time to follow your blogs religiously then!