Monday, 25 May 2009

Release Relax

Travelling in the car
long way north

thoughts & emotions
'go' out the window





er said...

Hope the journey was not as long as the "Snail Trail"?


Dip your toes into
the cool waters of Uisit.

Let all the traumas
of the last few weeks
wash over your head?

And like the phoenix
you will rise again
even "Stronger"

You have faced many battles
and "Won" most of them.
Each challenge that is thrown
before you,You have faced them head on

Your strength of character
kindness,and support of others
Makes "You" a winner everytime!

Toodles said...

so kind, thank you

i must continue

my affirmations!

SarahA said...

*dance* lovely little shorty, you.

Toodles said...

Dear Saraha

many thanks

shortie but to the point!

need to hold onto the last 3 words!

Jenny said...

Lovely poem and photo!

I really like: ""release relax rejuvenate". I will try to remember that riddle in stressful times. Very important!

Mum-me said...

What an awesome photo, and some good advice in those last 3 words of your poem.

Toodles said...

thank you

jenny and mum-me.....

u 2 remember ....