Sunday, 24 May 2009


Artwork by LH

January to May

too many days,

sweat & tears

added years,

family & friends

colleagues & students

forcing me

to win the fight!


& successes,

Fulfilment at last!


er said...

It's Over?

The race is "Won"
your job is done!
Time to recoup
and rest.

So wipe that tear
from your eye
as you remember those sleepless nights.

Another year,a battle won
those comments you entered
and the words you spun!

All for the good
of the students.
Who make it all
worth while!!!!!!!

The final hurdle
you passed with ease.
Next year my "Friend" you know!
"It wont be a breeze"

er said...

Love the "Artwork"

Some talented artists?

Just goes to show,what can be achieved with natural talent,patience and guidance.

Toodles said...

thank you 4 your comments